More optimism this time around

I’m definitely seeing a lot more positive posts since patch 4 release than with previous ones. Just wanna say it’s very refreshing and such a relief that the sim is improving again. I definitely saw good results with mine this time. :grin:

They basically fixed the stuff they badly broke in the previous 2 patches that were causing rampant issues and crashes. So I think people are just happy that they can finally play again.

That said, issues introduced in this patch are just starting to come to light now. We’ll have to see how many patches we’ll have to wait to see them fixed.

Mt CTD’s are gone and AA seems fixed . I got photogranary working finally after fixing a nat issue with my router. Barcelona is stunning.

Live AI seems a bit strange now, no landings at Glasgow so i went to investigate and found one on a strange approach. I think this has something todo with every approach in the navdata overflying the field at the GLW beacon.

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Ha! Good point! It’s a long way from making me happy. I still don’t even consider it as “working” or usable for anything but basic VFR. Plus I had to jump through hoops to stop it from crashing, which never happened to me before the latest “patch” (I use the word “patch” loosely anymore… :slight_smile: