More realistic beaches (Waves on the shoreline)

Pretty small detail, but I feel would make a big difference to realism. Would it be possible to add an animation for waves coming up on the beach? There’s a visual image of it, but it doesn’t move. It would make flying near beaches much more pleasing.

It would improve matters, but first, there have to be beaches - ie the sea (lake and river) levels are incorrect for many places, so the beach is not actually where it should be, and in many cases it does not exist due to low res meshes not allowing for cliffs and sloped foreshores.

It was more to get the idea out there than any expectation that it might be implemented soon. A passing thought while I was flying around I figured would be a nice addition to the end product.

Yes we need.

Would like to see animated waves on shorelines similar to other FS programs

Check again with the wind speed increased. They work 100% and are tied into the wind.

And they looked better at launch than they do now. It kind of looks like that model effect you got on some movies that used slow motion to cover up the fact the waves are around a 2 foot model. The waves look far too big, and too fast. The waves out at sea, including the white caps, look great though, just the waves near the shore look a bit ropey.

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Yup, there are waves but the waterline on the beach is fixed. On some other FSs, the amount of beach width changes as waves roll in and out and the white wash on shore comes and goes. FS2020 is OK, but bringing the wave action all the way to the beaches would make it even better in my opinion. That said, the “waves at sea” are nice, but likely too large.