More Snow Problems

Hi everyone,

I’ve been doing some flying over the past couple of days in areas that should have snow on the ground, but I see none. Once again. My experience wtih this is that about 8/10 times in the US, where there should be snow- where there really IS snow, is as green as a summer afternoon.

There were also a couple of places that should have been in snowstorms, but had rain instead. Other places had thunderstorms AND snow, but no snow on the ground or roads.

Another issue is that I don’t see snow on grass at airports even if there’s snow that covers the surrounding area. Then, there are times when I fly into airports that are covered in snow, including runways and taxiways, which shouldn’t be the case most of the time.

There’s no consistency to this whatsoever, and it’s really annoying. I even look at the Meteoblue map and MSFS doesn’t depict snow in a lot of areas. A LOT. Especially in the US.

What determines snow? Temperature? Reported Depth? Something is wrong with this system they have at the present time.

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