More taller buildings, some in wrong place after patch 1.9

who noticed that more taller buildings appeared, but sometimes not in the right place … e.g. at the approach at my airport… EPGD… wrrr


Post about it here:

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YES! My entire town now has extremely tall buildings, and my neighborhood even now has skylines. The approach into my home airport now is actually impossible because of an unrealistic tall building.

Asobo really should get this one fixed.

Could you provide the location to your town? I am curious to see if there’s any change to Bing/OpenStreet map data.

Here is a fix to put in your community folder which removes the Skyscrapper buildings.

There is a also version enforcing the use of higher detail 3D buildings at a distance!

Yeah- it’s KADS near dallas. The approach into 15 is unsafe now. Also, it seems to be more surrounded by tall buildings than before, which is unrealistic.

Reinstalled Flight sim and the issue was fixed

You do realize your revived a 2 month old thread that is completely irrelevant, right?