More than one airport file in the content manager

I have 3 LOWI (Innsbruck) -airport files in the game content manager listed. Two of them were pre-installed with the main FS2020 program installation. One file I purchased (ORBX-version).

Can I delete the two Asobo Studio files (Landing Challange & standard LOWI-airport) and just keep the better ORBX-version? …or will the “Landing Challange for LOWI” not work properly without the original Asobo Studio file?

Generally speaking, which airport file does FS2020 use, when it has several to choose from?

I have the same issue, did you find out the answer.?

Sorry…not yet. I am wondering why Zendesk is not answering my request.

Talked to Orbx…they said in the next patch pilots will be able to disactivate scenery files. That way, we can experiment with them being active or not.

Zendesk told me it was none of their business to answer that question - I should get in touch with Orbx.

Thanks, great to see the partnership working so well :joy: