Morse Code type noise on Beechcraft King Air 350i - What is it?

Can anyone tell me what this repeating noise is when I’m flying the Beechcraft King Air 350i?

More importantly, how do you turn it off?

Are you tuned into a VOR? It’s the morse code associated with the station which you use to confirm you are dialed into the correct one.

There are usually buttons along the radio stack somewhere that say “NAV1” “NAV2” those are the audio signal buttons (in C152 anyway) assuming similar.


yep, sounds like a vor identifier
they are normally just the morse code of the beacons icao i think
, you find the corresponding morse code on charts or in your flight planning software - this allows possitive id that your tuned in to the VOR you want
Screen Shot 10-29 22_14_36
in this example you would here the morse code shown on a frequency of 112.15 when in range of that beacon


How do I check that?
I’m just a noob on the King Air 350i.

I’d have to let someone more experienced with that aircraft chime in as I’ve never flown it, but it deffinetly sounds like a VOR identifier.

If you didn’t tune into it, I’m guessing you have assists on that probably did it for you.

its a result of what channel the nav radio’s are tuned too, could be you just flew near a beacon with the default channel?
if your just wanting to stop the noise, you can just change the radio frequency for nav1 (most likely) or its also possible to turn of audio from nav1

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The only thing I have tuned in to NAV1 is the ILS frequency of the destination runway.

are you in range of that ILS or close to that? many frequencies are repetative, being used many times over but usually not very close to each other (hence the need for the identifier)
it could also be the other nav channel, idk but thats the only morse code i know of that you would likely here over the radios or in game

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OK, cheers for the replies - I will investigate further on the next flight.

Check the Navaids in the area you were flying.
You were listening to the Navaid IEN.

I was flying between YBSS & YMEN airports in Victoria Australia - so that Navaid has to be somewhere in range of there?

That’s correct. Either a VOR, NDB or ILS.


edit: IEN is the identifier for the YMEN ILS 26. (109.9)


That explains it - many thanks.

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If you understand Morse code, you will be able to identify the identity letters of the transmitting station.


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