Moscow scenery by Drzewiecki Design

Enjoy :


Only visited one airport of the many included : man <3


Do you know why the buildings are white from a distance?

I took a sightseeing (drone) flight around the Moscow scenary and also noticed that “white building” effect.

When I used “clear skies” it was looking OK at a low LOD.

But in “Live weather” … which today was snow … I could spot the hand tuned buildings clearly, as they all have the totally white (even the glas side walls of the tall sky scrapers)

I suspect that there is a special “winter” overly in the game … and below a certain LOD the Moscow building thereby end up white.

I hope there will be an update to the Moscow landmarks, as they are really adding a lot of quality to the city … but in “Live (winter) weather” it sadly looks really strange.

I can confirm that currently Moscow pack causes infinite load on flight loading into Moscow’s airport. This goes away if you remove the Moscow pack.

I have Moscow Landmarks and UUEE.
I can fly without problems from Sheremetevo

My FS freezes for ever (just sits on the loading screen) with this pack installed. If I remove it, then FS loads without any problems.
If was like this since FS Update 5 and stays the same with recent Update 6.
I have another Scenery installed (Mauritius) which does the same thing :frowning: