Moscow scenery by Drzewiecki Design

Enjoy :


Only visited one airport of the many included : man <3


Do you know why the buildings are white from a distance?

I took a sightseeing (drone) flight around the Moscow scenary and also noticed that “white building” effect.

When I used “clear skies” it was looking OK at a low LOD.

But in “Live weather” … which today was snow … I could spot the hand tuned buildings clearly, as they all have the totally white (even the glas side walls of the tall sky scrapers)

I suspect that there is a special “winter” overly in the game … and below a certain LOD the Moscow building thereby end up white.

I hope there will be an update to the Moscow landmarks, as they are really adding a lot of quality to the city … but in “Live (winter) weather” it sadly looks really strange.

I can confirm that currently Moscow pack causes infinite load on flight loading into Moscow’s airport. This goes away if you remove the Moscow pack.

I have Moscow Landmarks and UUEE.
I can fly without problems from Sheremetevo

My FS freezes for ever (just sits on the loading screen) with this pack installed. If I remove it, then FS loads without any problems.
If was like this since FS Update 5 and stays the same with recent Update 6.
I have another Scenery installed (Mauritius) which does the same thing :frowning:

@DrzewieckiD, can you please fix this white building effect issue. I just spent money on this, and am seeing this white building effect, which only goes away when really close to the buildings. Unfortunately this makes the Payware unusable for the time of year I want to fly there.

Yes, we’ve noticed this effect right from the beginning, especially in winter.
Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about this I am afraid. Only Asobo can fix that as far as we know.

Frankly, there are many things devs have no influence on. F/e some buildings blend through a fog, snow on aprons is generated automatically etc. :flushed: Plus freezes and CTDs. Please keep in mind, that all products are very well tested by the MS team before publishing and they never encountered any issues with freezes or CTDs. It obviously does not mean that the problem does not exist, it only means that some things just can not be handled by devs (yet). We can only relate to the frustration of some of our customers and sure, if something does not work correctly you should probably demand a refund from the seller.