Most sounds too quiet. Warnings only few

I have set Cockpit in ‘SOUND’ to MAX. FS Realistic is also installed. But I sometimes hear the altitude warning (500 - 400…) , but nothing else. Never : Terrain, SINK RATE, Retart or similar. In many YT videos this is super clear to hear, with me - if at all - only very quiet. FS Realistic brings (except noises from the cabin) nothing. Lost money. What can I do? Is there anything better than FSR? Thank you. Peter

If there is no reply by this afternoon I will add a screenshot from my sound settings and FSREALISTIC.

What plane are you flying? Is it with just one or all?


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There is no diff between the AC. Most of the time I Use A32x. And the Landing Training sessions. With A310 there is nothing to hear… I am an IT Specialist, the Computer Settings (Alienware) are ok… thx

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Hi Skylane, did you post a screenshot? Cant find it. thx Peter

Starting my laptop now😇

Hope this helps……

I do not have FSrealistic, but for me the exterior view sounds are awfull. If there is fi a plane at the other side of the airport/runway it sounds if its directly near me. With more aircraft it’s deafening so loud. For the rest, with almost the same settings at TS i have no complaints.

thank you, will try it!

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