Motion blur

Can someone explain adding motion blur to the UI? What does this mean? I moved my views and noticed there was a blurry view as I did.

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I think the idea is to give more of a sense of speed towards the edge of the frame / edge of your peripheral vision / edge of a screen shot. I’m still waiting on the download so not seen it in action yet.

If you are below 100 feet AGL, spanking along at 250 knts in the TBM I’d expect it to give a much better sense of speed.

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Yep appears to be working quite nicely while low and fast:


I get the idea but I don’t think its very attractive.

Thanks for the replies.


Did someone request this. I don’t recall seeing it on a wishlist anywhere. Any way to turn it off?


In the graphics settings, there is an option to turn it off, or to to different levels: low, medium, high, ultra.

Motion Blur?! Why oh why did someone think that adding it was a good idea? It’s the first (and sometimes the only) thing that gets turned off in the graphics settings (that and the awful chromatic abebration that has recently gained popularity) when I first confiure a game - it doesn’t simulate how you see the world (read up on how the eye works and sees the world) and is purely a gimmick.


Ah, nothing like the real world then :frowning:

Yikes, that Need for Speed graphic option…


I turned it off 5 seconds after I saw it’s enabled by default after the last patch. Not sure how this adds anything to realism, this isn’t Need for Speed. Perhaps they’re paving the way for VR and motion blur is needed there?

I’ve got an Oculus Rift CV1 that I’ve played the odd game in (including driving sims and Elite:Dangerous) and I’d not want to see motion blur implemented in those either!

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Oh dear I hope Asobo is not trying to knock down the sim to a GAME with all these unrealistic options. Like c’mon really? Is this Burnout?


I think it is ALWAYS good to have options, you dont like it, dont use it, but others may like it. I like having the option to use it. Thanks asobo for bringing back motion blur!.

I suspect that having it enabled by default, and the FPS drop that it seems to cause, will annoy a lot more than it pleases.

I’m a huge fan of this!
My graphics card however, didn’t so much!

I like it. It’s really efficient at smoothing out view transitions when using the mouse to look around.

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I noticed it while in the cockpit and panned over to the window to look out.

I have, literaly, zero performance impact by using it.

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My humble PC (with an RTX 2060S i59600K) saw 10-12 FPS drop/gain when enabling/disabling it

The blessing with PC don’t like it there is an option to turn it off