Motion Compensation for motion Rigs with VR

I am currently using the HP Reverb G2 with a motion rig system using 4 x 6" actuators mounted on a profile extrusion chassis. I also have 2 Vive base stations + 1 Vive tracker
Would anybody be aware of any MOTION COMPENSATION solution for such setup, or maybe this is a bit too early for this kind of problem?
Thanks for any help.

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Yeah, OVRMC is working perfectly with WMR I have been using it for a while

You have to use SteamVR though

and my terrible tutorial


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Oh wow, gonna study your vid, thanks a lot man.

What if you didn’t purchase the game through Steam? Will it still work if the game is from Microsoft app store?

As long as you use steam vr yes

Got a next level V3 and have found that MC does not work currently through next level software, and indeed causes disconnects to simconnect if engaged.

I have now MC working through STEAM VR with the HP G2, and that’s working great for apps that are made to work well with STEAM VR. Unfortunately I just tested MSFS2020 with my G2 running with STAEM VR with OpenXR and the experience is really not good in comparison to running it through WMR with OpenXR. Therefore I am also looking at having MC with the G2 working outside the STEAM VR environment, since MSFS2020 is much better optimized for WMR OpenXR. Is there such possibility, if not where should a discussion be open about this topic, OpenXR forum, WMR discussion, etc…? Thanks for any thoughts.

I’m afraid there is no alternative at all, I have asked Dschadu about the possibility of making it for WMR but it would be a massive undertaking to make it.

Maybe someone can port it or fork it to work somehow, I don’t know but I wouldn’t hold my breath for anything anytime soon.

Thanks for your quick reply,
I am not surprised by your answer, I think I was just waiting for a confirmation of what I was already suspecting.
I guess the other option is to hope that the MSFS2020 VR dev team will optimize it for STEAM VR as well. I have tried my old Valve Index headset through Steam VR and the experience is not a good experience as well. I think so far the VR experience is most optimized for WMR headsets as they mentioned in the recommended Headsets section of their forum which only includes the G1, G2 and Samsung Odyssey+
Let’s wait and see

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