Mouse clicks and wheel on rotaries

Is anyone else experiencing jumps of 10 degrees on the ADF and VOR indicators? Sometimes it is 1 degree, other times 10 degrees, and will change for no apparent reason mid-flight…?

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Yes. Do you use a Yoke by chance? I am using a Saitek yoke. I’ve read that others with the Honeycomb are experiencing this too. They claimed the issue with the Honeycomb was due to key bindings. I tried a flight with only mouse/keyboard and did NOT have the issue… so there may be something with the control bindings after all. I have not experimented with my yoke setup to try to confirm this.

I recently discovered that if I click and HOLD the mouse button the OBS dial will initially jump a single 10 degree increment and then continue in single degree increments until the button is released. It’s a bit of trial and error and luck to get the desired radial value entered… but at least getting the desired radial (or very close) is attainable now and I can actually use it for navigation.

Happens to me when flaps are anything but fully up.

Hmm, I am using a FSSB-R3W with Warthog stick and a HOTAS Cougar throttle connected via an TUSBA r2 - I am a Falcon BMS flyer first and foremost :wink:

Flaps up or down doesn’t make any difference here. I can be flying along at cruising speed and sometimes the mouse wheel or button will give me 1 degree per “click” then 5 minutes later with no control input other that stick or trim it will give me 10 degrees! Frustrating, to say the least.

Thanks for confirming it is not only me though!

Check your mouse settings in windows also. Try changing the scroll settings, wheel click, etc.
And/Or the software that comes with your mouse.
Logitech for example, can be set up differently for different games, apps or programs.

Also I think I remember seeing a keyboard setting for increasing the rate of change for the adf, while changing some setting this morning.

I am having the same issue since I started using the thrustmaster airbus quadrant