Mouse combination for zooming cockpit locks panning

So, from the very begining, I’ve been using a combination of RMB+Mouse Wheel for zooming, I find it much better since I can only zoom in and out when I’m actually manipulating the camera (by pressing RMB), this method prevents me from accidentally zooming in or out when interacting with knobs in legacy mode, which is very annoying, the RMB+Wheel should be the default IMO

It always worked flawlessly, but since the update that made it so you couldn’t pan the world map unless we reset the mouse settings to default, when I set this method again, it will let me zoom in and out by using RMB+Wheel but it I only hold RMB it won’t let me pan the view around, so I have to just use the default settings that I find very annoying for I’m accidentally zooming all the time specially in turbulent weather

Funny thig is, when I reverted to my old mouse profile (that was created before this map bug) it works perfect, but then I can’t pan the map again, unfortunatelly I accidently deleted that profile and now I can’t create a working version anymore

This is the zoom assingment

Make another mouse profile a duplicate of the default, and save it with a different name.
Use the default mouse profile and change it to your old mouse profile settings!

Yeah I tried that and then editing the default but it behaves as I described, the zoom works righ rmb+wheel but it won’t let me pan with just RMB, maybe I’m doing something wrong if you can confirm it works I can try again

EDIT: Just tried this again as you described, still the same

I just tried to set up RMB+mouse wheel but seem unable to get this combination recognised.

I can get it recognized normally as I showed on the screenshot above, but then the zoom works and the panning stops working