Mouse combination for zooming cockpit locks panning

So, from the very begining, I’ve been using a combination of RMB+Mouse Wheel for zooming, I find it much better since I can only zoom in and out when I’m actually manipulating the camera (by pressing RMB), this method prevents me from accidentally zooming in or out when interacting with knobs in legacy mode, which is very annoying, the RMB+Wheel should be the default IMO

It always worked flawlessly, but since the update that made it so you couldn’t pan the world map unless we reset the mouse settings to default, when I set this method again, it will let me zoom in and out by using RMB+Wheel but it I only hold RMB it won’t let me pan the view around, so I have to just use the default settings that I find very annoying for I’m accidentally zooming all the time specially in turbulent weather

Funny thig is, when I reverted to my old mouse profile (that was created before this map bug) it works perfect, but then I can’t pan the map again, unfortunatelly I accidently deleted that profile and now I can’t create a working version anymore

This is the zoom assingment

Make another mouse profile a duplicate of the default, and save it with a different name.
Use the default mouse profile and change it to your old mouse profile settings!

Yeah I tried that and then editing the default but it behaves as I described, the zoom works righ rmb+wheel but it won’t let me pan with just RMB, maybe I’m doing something wrong if you can confirm it works I can try again

EDIT: Just tried this again as you described, still the same

I just tried to set up RMB+mouse wheel but seem unable to get this combination recognised.

I can get it recognized normally as I showed on the screenshot above, but then the zoom works and the panning stops working

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Yesss please bring it back! It worked up to SU4 using this trick: Sugestion for better mouse wheel zoom - #11 by Kurbo26 , but SU5 broke it and I miss it sorely.

Zooming instead of turning the knobs is really annoying - and I hate the new input method that makes the knobs and buttons glow in blue.

Yes me too, it’s SO ANNOYING when I’m using the mousewheel to rotate any knob and then the plane moves and it goes out of the click area and it just goes full zoom in/out, the RMB+Mouse wheel is such a better command because it makes sure I only move the zoom when I want and am acutally manipulating the view, It’s been reported for a very long time and sounds like such a simple thing, I just can’t belive it is still not possible

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I don’t remember all the details around this, but I do remember it stopped working a few SUs ago. (Maybe it was SU5.) But I also found new assignments that work and are more logical. I believe you need to use the “Lockable” options.

For some reason a screenshot is not working here, so I’ll type it:
Zoom cockpit (Lockable): Mouse wheel up
Unzoom cockpit (Lockable): Mouse wheel down
Toggle cockpit view freelook (Hold): Right mouse button
Cockpit look <up/right/left/down> (Lockable): Mouse axis


I’ll try this, but I don’t really like using the “toggle” for panning if that’s how this works, I miss the old RMB+Mouse wheel scroll so much

It doesn’t work as a toggle. The command “Toggle cockpit view freelook (Hold)” is really poorly named. It doesn’t say anything about being the “lock” for the other commands. The description in the settings explains it a bit better though. Basically, holding the RMB enables the “lock” for the other lockable commands, and releasing the RMB disables the lock. You do not need to use RMB once to toggle on and again to toggle off.

How it works:
If you do not hold down the RMB, the mouse moves the pointer, and the wheel moves the knobs or switches in the cockpit (if the pointer is over one).
If you hold down the RMB, the mouse looks around (changes the view), and the wheel zooms in and out.

Also should mention that all the assignments are in the left column in the assignments. You don’t have to use the right column.


Thank you so much! This works, after about one year suffering with the issue of zooming involuntarily you improved my simming experience so much :smiley:

This really isn’t very clear from the way things are named in the Controls menu.

Ok, I spoke too soon. While this works as intended in flight, I can’t move the world map anymore by clicking and dragging. So there still remains something to be fixed on Asobo’s side, if I’m not missing anything here.

I modified the default mouse profile, removing just the wheel up/down inputs, and adding the ones from your post, @Kurbo26 .

Or is there anything else I can try to make it work on the world map without switching mouse profiles all the time?

I remember when SU5 (or 4) broke this, in the actual update the zoom was working as intended but I couldn’t move the map in the menu, the fix for this was to reset the mouse to default settings on the options, which then broke the ability to to the zoom combination, so I guess the solution Kurbo found is actually to set it to the previous command, which works for the zoom and not the map, and let me tell you I’ll take it, I spend way more time in the cockpit then in the map, tbh I don’t really need to move it anyways

Yes, it’s definitely an improvement - and it’s not hard to switch between the two mouse configurations. I just wanted to make clear that the issue as such isn’t solved entirely and might still need a fix from Asobo’s side.


Alright I just tested this and I tested a little different solution based on Kurbo’s to GREAT success.

All I did was copy the default mouse assingments, then I the only thing I did was set the mouse wheel to the zoom to his suggested Zoom cockpit (lockable) and delete the original assingment from it, NOTHING ELSE, I didn’t even set the lockable to RMB+Mouse wheel, it’s just the mouse wheel. For some reason this causes it to only work when I’m panning the camera, and I can still move the map on the menu

Yes pretty much this. I also remember the map not being draggable. I believe what I did was go back to the default mouse profile, set the “lockable” commands, and everything worked. I think that is what you are you saying you did. There must be some hidden assignments in that default mouse profile that get used for dragging the map.

All I did was change the zoom view on the wheel to zoom cockpit (lockable) nothing more, works perfectly and the map still works as well, also remember to delete the original zoom view command

Yes, I think that’s what I’m saying. Just need to start with the default profile rather than an older mouse profile that had been saved, and the map will work.

But are you saying you did not need to set this? Or maybe it was set by default?
Toggle cockpit view freelook (Hold): Right mouse button

yeah all I did was copy the default mouse profile, and change the mouse wheel from the original zoom view to zoom cockpit (lockable), that’s literally it, it will then (for some reason) only work when I’m holding down RMB on the cockpit (which is what I wanted) and the map still works fine

So you don’t have RMB in your bindings at all? Interesting. I thought it needed to be bound as the “lock” for the lockable commands.