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When in vr it seems while focusing on the curser it make it seems i am seeing double. Hard to focus on it. Quest 1

In 3rd party planes or default?

Same for me on the Rift S. Left eye precise on the switch, right eye off. Leads to nausea. Was Oculus tested or was the focus on the Reverb G2?

I can’t even hardly click on the switches in the cockpit. Extremely hard to get the mouse on them.

Yes oculus tested.

Obviously not enough :wink:

In the default planes (at least the ones I tried), when trying to click on a control that is on the front panel, the mouse icon is 2D (same position for both left and right eye). However, if you try to click on some things off the front panel (like the trim control on the flight stick on the xcub) or ANY(?) controls in 3rd party planes, the mouse pointer is 3D. The 3D pointer is lined up with the left eye.

My experience testing this out just now had no issues with the mouse. I’m actually really impressed how well the mouse works in VR. It works even better than without VR because you can more easily click and manipulate the actual controls. I’m not seeing double with mine, but it’s possible your eyes are focusing on the wrong depth for the cursor, or perhaps you have a bug where the cursor can’t figure out its intended depth.

My cursor is floating above each switch and unless you very, very precisely move it towards the switch, it won’t move it. Something must be wrong because there’s no way this can be by design. Some setting I’m missing?

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Both, tried the Carendaro Mooney then the Xcub.

Happens to me as well with default aircraft … I’m using the Oculus Rift S and v24 of the Oculus software.
Until the mouse pointer is close to the control you want to adjust, it ends up being displayed on the wrong plane and appears to be floating right in front your face, causing you to go cross-eyed if you look at it. Extremely distracting.

… and before someone says “adjust your IPD”, no, it’s not the IPD - already set correctly.

yea its not a IPD thing, if you close your right eye, the mouse cursor comes in focus like it should. I haven’t got to try many AC yet, only the Mooney and the Xcub. I downloaded the grv cub and the mouse icon works perfect, no matter where i move it, it is in focus. I noticed last night in the Mooney, its only when the cursor is on the dash panel. Move it to the floor and the cursor looks as it should.

Quest user here…I have to close my right eye to have any chance to use mouse pointer.

Ok, I’m having the same issue. The problem is the mouse is running off of the left eye dominance. If i close my right eye the mouse usage in the cockpit works fine, but if I close my left eye, I can’t seem to click on the broadside of a barn. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a fix to switch which eye to run the mouse off of. If anyone has managed to find a way to adjust to using right eye dominance instead of the default left eye dominance please let me know.

Same here with the Oclus Rift S. But not on the defaut planes. I’d bought the MR20 Ovation, and on this aircract I have the same problem. Don’t know why just on this one.

G2 here and same issues, the mouse floats above a lot of the switches as if its sitting on a some magic glass panel sitting 20-30mm above most switchable items, only with a very precise movement does it snap to the switch of knob, I dont know why it can just move along the instrument panel or G1000 screen as if its on the panel already like DCS does it, I cant see why it would float above them like it does.

Its my main criticism of the otherwise stella MSFS VR release.

Same, no solutions seen, no pun, I just close one eye when I need to click. G2…

Indeed this would be a way to fix it. As my right eye is dominant it is pretty hard to close it and look through my left eye. Being able to tell MSFS which eye is dominant this would be much improved.

But since the real issue is that the mouse cursor is floating in front of the (glass) cockpit in stead of sticking to the display, a better solution would be to fix that part I think. Than it wouldn’t matter which eye is dominant anymore.

Yep, same problem here with G2. Have to shut left eye to achieve correct alignment with switches. Needs fixing Asobo.

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