Mouse cursor disappears, followed by CTD

I was running through preflight checklist in C172, and about halfway through the mouse cursor disappeared and I could no longer interact with the screen. My yoke, keyboard, etc. still worked, however after trying to open and close various menus I could not get the cursor back. Hitting escape and pausing to the main screen brought back the cursor for that screen, however when I went back into the sim no mouse.

I decided to try quitting the flight and restarting it (without restarting MSFS) but when I tried to do that I had a CTD.

So far this has only happened to me once, but I’ve only done a few VR flights.

I’m seeing this repeatedly as well. Happens once every few hours in fullscreen mode and every few minutes when windowed.

FWIW, feels like an issue between WMR (I use a G2) and FS, given that I’m usually clicking the map or ATC window when it happens.

Would dearly love a fix. Hard to finish a mission right now.

Just had this happen again. I managed to get the mouse cursor back by switching to external view then back to the cockpit, however about two minutes after that came the CTD.

May not just be related to VR. Mine did this today with flying regular view in the Citation Longitude. Man, they should have released this sim as Early Release software. I feel they ignored all us beta testers!

I am having the same problem here. After that an 1.2 gb update was applied today, VR became bugged. Until this update I was playing normally in VR and on screen mode (last time I played was about 20 days ago). Now, everytime I try to play in VR it makes the mouse cursor disappear on menus and on the cockpit it shows but does not move when I move the mouse (it moves when I move my head but it does not interact with the instruments anymore). It became simply unplayable as it stays there all the time in the middle of the screen and do nothing.
After trying disabling my second monitor, changing both my mouse and keyboard for another ones, using alt + enter to force fullscreen and restarting the system and simulator multiple times all i could get were CTDs, sometimes on menus and sometimes when loading the simulation (selecting FLY). One time the mouse cursor reappeared but shortly after the simulation crashed to desktop.
Please roll back this bugged update or make an option for anyone having problems to roll back to the previous, stable version.

I think it happens when you press Windows key by mistake. Press the Windows key again to bring the mouse cursor back again !

No, I didn’t and I have restarted the simulator and my system several times.

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