Mouse cursor location pointer in middle of view (any way to turn off?)

There is a sort of pointer icon that pops up in the middle of the screen that points to where your mouse cursor is if it is left hovering over any interactable object. It also shows up when you are using a VR controller that you aren’t looking at. This is really annoying if you want to use your VR controller for throttle on landing where you are constantly holding it but not looking at it. Is there any way to turn that thing off? I haven’t found a setting for it.

It’s utterly stupid and needs getting rid of.

Why on earth would you need an indication there’s a tooltip for something that you’re obviously not looking at? The decisions of software devlopers really baffle me sometimes.

It seems to be part of Navigation Aids, I changed it to hard and the pointer went away.

In case you want to hide it, I released a mod:

Won’t get chance to check it out until this evening but thanks in advance!

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