Mouse cursor randomly DOESN'T REAPPEAR when moving around (translation) in the cockpit after last “mouse going to top left corner” fix

Looking at the current history I have little hope… but man would it be nice.

same problem…not fixed yet

Guess we’ll all see each other next year… with the same issues :joy:

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this bug has been driving me INSANE. as someone who likes to regularly translate the view, having the interactive cursor randomly disappear on you feels like you’re literally being gaslit by the sim.

it can quickly suck any joy you’re having right out the window as your frustration that such a long-lasting, game-debilitating bug still exists after all this time makes you want to throw your mouse across the room and never fly again.

i can’t stress enough how messed up it is to not have this immediately patched in a hotfix


Totally agreed… and seems like my prediction will stay true. New year without a hotfix in sight. Generally Asobo have done very little in hotfixes, except to hotfix things that cause CTD. We haven’t seen any communication from them which would suggest them changing that practice any time soon :confused:


Welcome to the new year, boys!

Gotta wait for SU8.

114 votes, a really annoying bug… and let’s make them wait another month at least :frowning:

Just like we said back at SU6… sometime last year… :joy:

Unfortunately no mention in the Q&A from today. Granted, they did have a lot of other big topics. However, they did mention Sim Update 9 as a general “cleanup” patch. But that’s a whole lot of months from now.

Let’s hope something happens.

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I have this issue today with the SU8 Beta, i did not have this issue before the i tried the beta, and now my “vanilla”/“Live” version of the sim also has the same bug even though this was not the case before.

This is really making it horrifically annoying to try to move around the cockpit and change autopilot settings when the mouse disappears every time i use the keyboard or HOTAS. Just make the mouse permanently appear on-screen ?

It seems this issue has been around in some form for quite a while, might want to actually get on top of this.

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Yes it’s really annoying to have the mouse randomly dissapear when you need to move in the cockpit :frowning:
Despite what you have tested… I hope they fix this in SU8 finally, we have been with this kind of mouse bugs since the release of SU5

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SU8 is almost here. I wouldn’t bet on it.

Yep, SU8 and this bug is still here :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

GAWD! come on

Hey guys, came back to MSFS2020 about half a year after complaining about this bug in this topic and I’m sad to see it apparently still exists. I’ve been thinking about getting a new controller instead of my HOTAS 4 (which doesn’t trigger the bug).
Does anyone know if the Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls is OK to use or will it trigger the bug as well when using its hat switch?


It’s unbelievable they haven’t fixed this. It’s been more than 7 months! That’s more than half a year… on something that is absolutely fundamental to the proper functioning of the game.

I NEVER had these kinds of problems in x-plane.

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I might have a fix for you guys! I stumbled upon it in another forum where I had brought up a similar mouse problem. The other problem I was having was that the mouse cursor had to be pointed about half an inch to the left of any button or dial in order to use it. If the cursor were right on top of the button, it simply wouldn’t work.

Someone there suggested that I go into the system and turn off Lens Correction.

When I did that - not only did it adjust the out of sync positioning of the mouse - but the cursor no longer disappeared every time I moved around in the cockpit!

It does still happen but very rarely now - definitely not every time. I would say it eliminated this problem about 95% of the time. It makes a big difference.


Here we are in 2022 and mods still hiding topics on these bugs which have been left unfixed. Been waiting since SU5 and posted a thread on this which was even active until recently a mod decided to kill it off.

Maybe the devs can put their XBOXs down for a few weeks and debug some of this stuff.


I’m having that exact same problem, I will try turning “Lens correction” OFF and test it.
I was thinking that there is something wrong with my computer, screen or something because it started doing it since 2 months ago more or less, but… no, again, another Asobo bug that makes me think something is wrong on my side but no, it is a MSFS bug.