Mouse cursor unreliable in VR when using flight quadrant workarounds

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ORIGINAL: As of, the mouse cursor in VR no longer moves reliably in the cockpit unless it is hovering over a toolbar panel window or when in the menu overlay, making it impossible to use cockpit controls with the mouse. I’m officially grounded.

EDIT: Tracked it down. Turns out that when using the excellent Kodiak 100 throttle quadrant workarounds posted by SimHanger, as of the propeller and condition lever workarounds interfere with the VR mouse when the levers are below their detentes.

It appears that keeping some controller commands “depressed” interferes with VR mouse performance now under certain circumstances.

I’m using VR right now and, while the cursor actions are slightly misaligned with the button/switch/knob I wish to use thus making it awkward, it is certainly not impossible.

Interesting. For me, it’s 50/50 whether the cursor even moves when I move the mouse, as if it isn’t registering the move. I’m using a track pad-based mouse. Strange that it’s smooth in panels and menus.

More information: it seems to work better when my throttle controls aren’t in the down position "holding’ their button presses.

Back with more when I sort things out…

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I have the same problem, it lags and has micro-locks so flipping switches and knobs is tricky.
I would appreciate community solutions. I have a Saiteck throttle in case it’s the problem.

Same problem here in all aircraft including the default ones I have tried. Mouse cursor works fine in a window like the VFR map, but trying to manipulate controls and switches on the panel is next to impossible. Mouse cursor micro-lags and stutters, not smooth at all.

I am using a Warthog throttle and a VIRPIL stick base with a Warthog stick mounted on it. No issues in other sims or even MSFS until recently.

I have the same problem, but it does not seem that many VR users have it, because I do not find too many people talking about this problem, so I do not know if they will solve it from Asobo.
If you find an alternative solution, please let us know.