Mouse cursor won't detect cockpit buttons properly in VR

Brief description of the issue: Mouse cursor doesn’t float to top of button, instead it’s somewhere deep in the dashboard and not allowing button control.

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered: I was flying with the Icon A5 from KSEA to KPAE during daytime. I changed time to night while flying and then noticed that I can’t operate the taxi and landing light buttons anymore because the mouse cursor won’t float on top of them. It seems like the mouse cursor wasn’t able to detect things from the center towards the right side of the cockpit. Controls like battery master and ignition would still work as expected, but the garmin GPS and all buttons on the center console would just not be detected when moving the mouse over them.
If I moved the view position towards the right, then it would start to detect the buttons and the cursor would correctly float over the controls.

I have found closing my right eye allows me to line up the mouse with the switches. It’s a workaround until a proper fix comes along.

I think this is an issue in a number of aircraft. I notice in the xcub EFIS that the mouse cursor is not flush with the panel

Like a workaround, maximize the flight simulator window and close all less the simulator. Into the cockpit enable all panel toolbar apps and then close all and disable them. You’ll come back to be ok.

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