Mouse disappears?

I’ve noticed particularly that, if you use the arrow keys to move the view inside the cockpit, then the program “loses” the cursor, and you can only get it back by doing something like changing POV momentarily.

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The bug has been acknowledged and logged in another thread associated with a similar bug: [BUG LOGGED] Mouse cursor went back to the top left corner when moving around (translation) in the cockpit - #56 by SinfulDanTheMan

Go upvote that one as well :slight_smile:

Asobo loves to just log critical issues without actually doing anything about them for months…

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It only happens to me when moving the camera with the arrow keys. When I bind that function to other keys, like the numpad, the cursor wont disappear anymore. But I have no second bind on the arrow keys except for moving the cam so its really weird.

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