Mouse issue when panning the view around in the cockpit since SU5

When I pan around the cockpit my controls freeze and I have no control of the aircraft however when I let go of the right mouse button The controls comeback responsive happens every time I hold the right mouse button to pan around the cockpit my controls freeze then I let go they come back been happening since Sim Update 5, Any help is much appreciated!


Yes is there a fix anybody

no fix afaik. I submitted a bug report about it this morning. it happens in both legacy and “lock” control schemes

yeah hope someone finds a fix immediately

I did a bit more experimentation with the control settings. This is a problem with the TOGGLE COCKPIT VIEW FREELOOK (HOLD) specifically, not any of the others. If I set this on a keyboard key the exact same thing happens.

It does not happen for the TOGGLE COCKPIT FREELOOK setting.

So changing your freelook binding from hold to toggle will get around the problem (albeit with an extra input action).

This may also help in cases where you get “stuck” in free look (haven’t tested. will report if i ever get stuck).

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Alright I will have a try

That fixes it for now Thanks!

Come on asobo we just had world update 6 and you’ve done nothing about this controls freeze when holding right mouse button to pan the view, bet your just ignoring us like get your ■■■ together I paid $160 for this simulator

That didn’t solve it for me unfortunately! I reset my mouse bindings and was able to get the external camera freelook to work again, but the cockpit camera freelook doesn’t work… weird! If any of you has suggestions, I’m all ears!

The bug report I submitted to ZenDesk has just been closed as being added to their bug tracker. Hopefully this will be fixed for SU6