Mouse misbehavior - a brief anecdote

I hopped in my Spitfire yesterday to start up from cold and dark. After a few preliminaries, the final step is to click a spot in between the starter and booster coil (to simulate pushing both at once). The prop would turn a couple times and die. Try again, same result. Repeat ad nauseum. Hmm, under/over primed? Nope. Fuel pressure too low? Nope. Eventually, have to be reprimed. Try again - propeller turns for a second or so and dies. Fiddling around and cursing for about 15 minutes changed nothing. WTF? Then inspiration struck. I noticed that, as part of the infamous “white dot” problem, which makes the mouse behavior erratic, after a second or so it would reset the click point to a spot outside the area. Since this equates to taking my finger off the start button, the engine would not kick in. After zooming in as close as possible to see if the click spot would expand, and trying again about a dozen times, I finally got the click point to remain in focus long enough for the engine to start. I have completely abandoned airliner flights because the “white dot” issue makes pre- and midflight adjustments impossible; can’t make nav or autopilot adjustments, switch fuel tanks, or anything else that requires mouse input. It has now been three months since this bug appeared after the June 2023 update. Asobo seems to think this is just a “cosmetic” (their word) issue with a distracting white dot - it is much more than that, as the dot is accompanied by erratic mouse behavior. [Another one: if you use the right mouse button to move the camera around the cockpit, it will throw the autopilot settings into a panic. Nice.] And, yes, I have tried every one of the myriad suggestions to address the issue, all unsuccessful, It is not due to any addon issues (clearing the community folder does not work), and it appears on ALL of the regular Asobo planes. No hardware issues, no settings changes work - this is a bug in the code! Am I just howling in the wilderness here?

I think this is on the release notes as fixed in SU13 (The white dot). You could try the SU13 Beta build, or wait a couple more weeks for the official release.

I agree with this entirely. I mainly fly the Just Flight Bae146, which I would thoroughly recommend, however the white dot and mouse interaction problem can make this extremely frustratingly difficult. The fact that this problem was known before the June update, still deliberately introduced, and left unresolved until this month is a disgrace. Any remaining hope I may have held that MSFS 2020 was a genuine attempt to create a proper flight simulator, has now gone. Clearly Jeorge and his team have never seriously been flight simulator enthusiasts, but are merely playing a game.
My wish now would be that Microsoft would concentrate on creating a realistic world environment, which they are obviously very skilled at. They should licence this technology to other companies to use, and hopefully one of those would adapt it into a serious flight simulator. As it stands now all the really realistic elements of the Simulator, the great detailed airports, study level aircraft and realistic AI aircraft are provided by other developers. I’m sure that Active Sky could create a much more realistic weather system than the Cumulus laden skies that are all Microsoft can manage, if they were allowed to. Its thanks to the Fly By Wire team, the FSLTL developers and the many airport designers, all unpaid volunteers, that we have a wonderful flying experience. Microsoft did create a beautifully realistic world, but failed in all the other promises that were made. I no longer trust them to complete what they started.