Mouse pointer teleporting

When you switch saved camera modes, the mouse pointer teleports to the upper left corner on its own.

I have similar problems as like you. I use mouse mainly to pan around and on some regular occasions I loose pointer and struggle to see my pointer again. After some zoom in and out it somehow comes back. It is really annoying and yes I checked my controller settings. It’s in Legacy Mode. Anyone knows how to get normal mouse behaviour with this update ?

Mouse pointer jumping to the top left corner of the screen (after SU5) me too

I already oppened this issue in Zendesk and open a forum topic to talk about it 3 days ago. Use the search function in the forum in order to maximize the votes related to one bug in one topic instead of dispersing them in various please.

I hope Asobo will pay enough attention to this really annoying bug and I hope it will not be ignored. Please consider this in your upcoming hotfixes.

Kind regards.

I have the same issue when using my coolie hat on my T.16000M (assigned to COCKPIT LOOK commands).

It works when I use the mouse to rotate the view by holding the right mouse button (assigned to TOGGLE COCKPIT VIEW FREELOCK (HOLD)). The axis of the mouse are assigned to COCKPIT LOOK UP, RIGHT, LEFT; DOWN (LOCKABLE) respectively.