Mouse Refresh 30Hz After Update?

Not sure if this a side effect of the new (VSYNC implementation) or a side effect of something else like the mouse being switched from system cursor to hardware. I never used to have any issue before with my FPS capped at 60 on my 240Hz panel. Mouse was smooth and responsive. After the Scenery Barn Update 3 my mouse is running at 30Hz. Did they add a setting to switch from system cursor to hardware?

I’m using GSYNC with VSYNC off and my FPS is capped at 60 in CP and my mouse is polling at 1000 and it now feels like 30 Hz in any menu or cockpit. I assume this is a direct result with profiling for AMD freesync and the XBOX X. I’m still getting 52 FPS in the 320 cockpit and well over 60 in external view but the mouse is lagging at a lovely 30Hz.

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