Mouse stops interacting even though it’s being clicked

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Mouse focus seems to disappear after 3-5 seconds even when being auctioned. For example, I’m using right mouse to turn the GNS430 knobs, after 4 or 5 clicks it loses the curved arrow icon and I have to move the mouse to wake it back up into ‘move this knob’ mode even though the mouse hasn’t moved and I’m actively interacting with a device

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Load a GNS430/530, pick any of the knobs, hover over ‘turn left’ or ‘turn right’ and click more than 5-6 times
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MS Store
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My mouse works to navigate menus and move cursor over the instruments but I cannot click to interact with anything in the cockpit on Xbox

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I was trying to release the tail wheel lock on an add on aircraft and the mouse would not allow it. I could hover over items that could normally be adjusted and they would light up, but I could not operate them. I set a button on my throttle to toggle the tail wheel and that worked as normal.

This is post SU5. Prior all was well and stutters/performance was improved over SU3 with SU4.

I have not tested the mouse use in default aircraft.