Mouse won't act on switches bound to Honeycomb Bravo

Hello - I have a Honeycomb Alpha yoke and Bravo throttle quadrant. I’ve noticed that in a Cessna 172 (with improvement mod) that I can only operate switches that are not bound to the bravo using the mouse.
I had to switch cockpit interaction to legacy in order to use the mouse at all. Once doing so, the mouse works now - but I noticed that any switches that are bound to switches on the bravo won’t respond to the mouse. Switches that are unbound operate as expected.

I don’t know if this is expected behavior. I would have though I could operate any switch with the mouse (assuming it’s a “real” switch) regardless of it being bound to a controller.


If you look in something like’s event viewer, you’ll see that controls bound in MSFS’s controller profiles are firing at 100s of Hz each. They don’t only fire when the switch position changes. So your mouse click is probably registering, then a few milliseconds later it gets put back the way it’s configured on the Bravo or Alpha.

The way around that would be to get something like and then remove all of the bindings in MSFS’s controller profiles. Then you can configure to only fire events in the game when there’s a change on your hardware. Then so long as you don’t move the switch on the hardware at the same time as you click with your mouse, the mouse click will register (but your switch would then also be out of sync with how it’s set in the game).

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Thanks that makes sense!