In the next update I know you will add “Come fly to Disney with Mickey’s new plane and the gang in cool planes in tremendous adventures”, I’m really happy for other audiences like plane racing, toys, but before that, just make a correction for the mouse. I just want to do my VFR flights.

I love this simulator, I love you guys, but I just want my mouse back to how it used to be.

Please, Asobo. I flew many times holding myself to not come complaining about the mouse.

Just bring an option to the previous Mouse mode. Why did they do this? There was no problem with that.


Look here in the known issues. It has been identified and hopefully addressed in the next update.

KNOWN ISSUES (Last update Nov. 19th, 2021) – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (

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Sigh… yeah… last winter no sim due to immediately frozen up plane, this winter due to broken trackir, mouse, etc… pita…

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