Move MSFS 2020 to another drive

Hi All,

Have moved 2020 to another drive due to hard disc full, but now I have an issue that I downloaded the update for A320neo and placed in new community folder, it is not recognised, I also changed the path on the userCfg.apt to reflect the new location, it still defaults to C:/ in DevMode, tools, virtual system files, watched bases,
will all addons only be reconised under c:/ drive?
can anyone help is there a fix

I can only comment for the PC version from the MS Store. They have an ability to ask to MOVE the game to an alternative drive from the store menu. But, it didnt work for ME. I wound up installing the game and doing a fresh install from the store. After doing that, all worked from the new drive, including community. It is just painful to reload. My experience, yours may vary.