Move MSFS from HDD to SSD but not Community

Hello everyone

I just bought an m2 ssd and I want to move the msfs there, for better loading times. But NOT the community folder. I want that to stay on my current HDD. How can I do that?
I have it from Microsoft store and the installation is a mess, I have “Offical” and “Community” folders in E:/ but “Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe” folder in C:/

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You technically can’t.

Both Official and Community folders exist under an umbrella Packages folder. The UserCfg.opt file tells the sim where to find the Packages folder in the last line of the config file, so it’s expecting to find both there.

What you may be able to do is set up symbolic links between the contents of your Community folder and another location where that add-on exists (i.e., Community stays on D:\ and the add-on(s) reside on E:). There’s tools like Add-On Linker that semi-automate this linkage process. It’s a third party tool, so it’s not supported here, but there are many users who can give you peer guidance. The part that I’m not sure about is whether that Linker works with MS-Store bought licenses of the sim. I know there’s no problem with Steam versions because Steam doesn’t overcomplicate the file/folder security like MS-Store does.

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As a daily user i can confirm this works as long as you have configured the correct paths in addon-linker. I set it up long back in 2021, so I don’t remember if it can configure the path automatically or not. Although I must mention that my msfs installation is in custom path. So there may be some potential issue with MSFS installation in default path that I may have avoided.

It does work. And in the Store version (same as steam) you can put the packages wherever you want, but yes they need to be together.
Instead of using the add-on liner you can also simply create a simlink to the community folder.

That’s not really a mess, you probably have a custom installation path of your official and community folders are in E drive but the Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe folder is in C: and that’s a good thing (more freedom) if you know how to manage it.

You can use Addon linker, you can customize a lot of things in that tool. You can even put some content from official folder to some other path if you need to for some space or other reason. Note that it does not really move the actual community / official folders, but rather you can keep the contents of those folders somewhere else and create links to those content in the original official and community folders. For example I use it to keep my addons organized in folder hierarchy like airports, airplanes, other tools, paid addons, free addons etc.

I would have thought that if you are looking to reduce loading times, then the SSD would be best served for the Community folder as that is what takes time to load. HDD is fine for the sim installation but you want all your addons to be loaded as fast as possible. That is where the SSD will be better used.
There are many ways to reduce loading times of addons and are mentioned in the previous posts, like using the Linker to just load certain addons for your particular flight etc.

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