Move Windows into VR

Developers…if you’re listening…we need a mod to bring other windows inside MSFS VR! There was a Mod to view ForeFlight inside 2D window, but nothing in VR yet. Thanks in advance.

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You can already do this, take a look what I wrote here.


Guys, I reached a solution through OVR Toolkit but I am unable to bring the new window Inside MSFS because I am not seeing my headset controllers
bring the windows in…any thoughts? I think I may be doing something wrong but not sure what!

If you’re using OVR Toolkit you’re good to go, actually. You need the controllers just at the beginning to create, resize and move your apps and desktop windows—then you switch the controllers off and work the windows with your mouse.


I am sorry excuse my ignorance, how do you bring the outside window inside Microsoft flight Sim after your lunch a game? Once I go into VR inside Microsoft flights there is no way that I know of to bring other windows inside the sim, please advise what to do :pray: thanks

Glad to help: First, you need to get the OVR Toolkit from the Steam store, then you launch SteamVR and the Toolkit via the Steam app. In MSFS, the Toolkit menu will appear “linked” to your left controller. If not, you need to double-click the inside-buttons (middle fingers) on both controllers simultaneously to activate the Toolkit.

With its menu, you can create new windows to contain either whole desktops or individual apps.


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