Move world map?

I can zoom in and out with my mouse wheel but can’t move the map up/down/left to right. I did a search but the answer I found didn’t work.

You must be using the default mouse profile in Control Options.

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This didn’t work?

That answer didn’t come up. The one I read was to hold left click to move.
Thanks for the input.

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Are you using the default mouse profile.
It only works correctly when you do.
See the links in this thread.

There is now a setting to move the map with the mouse since the latest hotfix. I’ll try to post a screenshot in a few mins.

And you don’t have to use the default profile.


Thanks so much. I knew it was coming but I didn’t know it was in there now.
I have set mine up for the left click as well with your pics assistance.
Thanks again!!

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You are welcome. My biggest pet peeve on here is when someone tells you to wade through countless posts to find an answer. I don’t know much, but if i do, im happy to share!

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Thanks for that information. I thought I looked in the mouse menu. Works great now.

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