Moving apps per Microsoft don't make any sense

I cannot post a url so search Internet for ‘Can-I-choose-or-change-the-installation-path’ … using Google worked for me.

Now there are two ways to have an app on a drive other than ‘c’.

First they show changing the default app drive.
My question is what happens when installing other software?
Also what happens to FS2020 if the default path is set to what is was?

Second they show using a ‘move’ in Apps & Features.
Well I checked this out and none of my apps displayed can be moved.

So has anyone found a way to install FS2020 to another drive other than ‘c’ that actually works?

Thanks in advance.

Forgive me for being stupid, lol, but is the ‘app will install’ that you reference just an install executable and not the full fs2020 itself?

MS install webpage does not mention exactly what takes place during the install.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes. When you start the install, it asks you where you want to install it.

I have it installed on a separate drive.

Thanks pilots!

Well I purchased the sim. It did not go well. I had some strange error.
Sim would not install and neither would two other apps that are necessary for it to work.

Rebooted and kept pressing buttons then finally the sim started to install to my ‘d’ driver as I choose that ssd. I have 100/100 fiber optics line and it appears that the 95 gb will take hours and hours. So what does MS do while the sim installs – they play funeral music. I assume they assume that some of use will not servive the install. Oh well!