Moving External Viewpoint Forward & Back?

I have reinstated most of the Camera motion bindings I lost, but am stuck on one.
In External Camera view, [not Drone View], I used to be able to have the viewpoint in behind the aircraft & move that viewpoint towards, & back, from the aircraft using the Mouse wheel. & it was ‘variable’, ie, not 1 position in, 1 position out.
Can someone advise me which MSFS External Camera wording that I need to bind against to achieve this?
I will take Keyboard if it won’t work with the mouse.

Use Zoom.
Their idea of zoom is to move you closer to the object,
so that actually is forward and back

I never looked to see if there is a translate forward/backward button, so I tend to turn to the side, then use the left/right key to position myself, for making a custom view, for example.

Thank you for input.
I have Keyboard & Mouse Bindings for Zoom/Unzoom now set up, but they are not working.

Translate forward and back is what I remember. Not at the flight computer right now, so I can’t check. I have mine set to Rt CTL up/down arrows.

I have the ssme issue with my mouse wheel for both cockpit and external views. Moving the wheel fwd and aft zooms and unzoom…now it’s gone…still troubleshooting…

A lot of the view commands went with the last patch.
Are you familiar with the steps to bind a command to a key?

I am.
& you are correct. I suspect the view commands I am after were wiped out in the last update.
Hopefully they will return in the next one.

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