Moving fs2020 files to a new ssd rendered it inop, cant recover

I shoud say that the o.s. is windows 10 with the 2004 update.

I originally downloaded fs2020 deluxe from the microsoft store and only a 1tb electromechanical drive was available to install it to. So it took a long time for the sim to load! Today i installed a new m.2 ssd. So i found ms flt sim 2020 in apps& features list and moved the installation to the new ssd drive. No indication of an error. So i rebooted and fs2020 , although it was running fine, was no longer starting up. It would go to the initial splash screen and say press any key to start. Only when pressing left mouse would it respond…and it would momentarily show black screen, then go right back to the splash screen. And prompt to pess any key again. This is all it would do over and over. So i thought i needed to uninstall the original fs2020 and then reinstall. So i uninstalled fs2020…the main app. I noticed an associated very small app right underneath that. Dont remember the name, but its function may have been a client for fs2020 to access the internet. I uninstalled that too…maybe a very big mistake.
So then i went to ms store and downloaded fs 2020 deluxe again…the 900 mb installer. It announced that fsw020 “in now installed”. I strated fs2020 from. The start menu (it was listed again there) and chose to run as administrator. (I always do). But its behaving the same way. Its just stuck in a loop prompting to “press any key” over and over. I should be getting an initial configuration screen and then it should start the 150+ gb download. I looked at the apps&features list again, and of course the main fs2020 app is back, but the other associated fs app i mentioned was not restored. Maybe that is what pulls the rest of the files needed?
Whats the name of this app and how do i get it restored?