Moving Map maybe Bing plugin

Hello i like to have a simple moving map which shows all names of cities and villages rivers etc. The integrated one in FS only shows nav ids. I know there is littlenavmap etc but i prefer a simple solution. For Fsx i remember there was a little plugin for google earth.


Really good point!

May you know the Map from X-Plane, where you can see your airplane moving, searching for airports, switching on/off cloud and wind information, see rivers (landmarks)… so it´s easy to have a flight “by map”.

I would love if they implement a good nav map like this, it´s really missing!

What you are looking for is called : Integrating HTML5 Geolocation API with Bing Maps

and the code is already in place google it

I am not a programmer can you please send me a tool?

there is FSUIPC7-Beta, there you can also see a map,
maybe it is interesting for someone.