Moving Marketplace Add-on Directory

So, I’m using Addon Linker for awhile just to edit content.xml, never to use the multiple Community Directory.

Recently-like two days ago-I decided to try the feature. I have 256GB of SSD as my boot drive, and a 1TB HDD that MSFS installed on with its Community Folder and a few addons.

I created a new community folder on my SSD, put all of my third-party scenery addons there, all of the “heavy” addons there like PMDG, FBW, etc. All of this because I thought it would improve performance and get rid of CTDs that I’ve experienced for the last couple of flights.

I was surprised of how much improvements it made. The sim run smoother and I had no CTD for like 4 flights now.

Now, I have this Airport addon that I bought from the marketplace. Since it’s still on the default folder on the HDD, it doesn’t run great.

I would like to move it to my SSD community folder. Can it be moved to my new community folder? I thought that because it’s an “official” addon, it would be impossible to move it. Or maybe I’m just wrong?

Need help here :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot!