Moving MSFS to a new PC

Hello everyone,

I hope someone can help me here, I am reinstalling MSFS on my new pc, and I have my old Community Folder backed up from my old PC.

Can I just drag that “Community” folder into the new MSFS installation for all of my add-ons to be installed again?

Now I know that there MIGHT be some issues with “some” add-on software, and I am ready to deal with that as it comes, BUT, this shouldn’t harm my new Flightims installation correct? Even if one or 2 of my addons need to be reinstalled…etc.?


Thanks for the info, I will give it a try then.

If I’m not mistaken though, shouldn’t the official MS store stuff in the “Onestore” folder just download with the sim? (OR do you still have to redownload them separately after the sim is downloaded?) The ones I’m mostly wondering about are the 3rd party ones I purchased outside of the MS store.

OR are they (those 2 folders) tied together?

and thanks for taking the time to help, I do appreciate it.

I’ve done this before on a Windows re-install and it worked fine. All of your sim & control settings are backed up to your MS/X-Box account.

The Onestar folder contains base files (I think its around 80gb download) and marketplace place content (from Asobo or third party).

I copied all the content (included the third party marketplace addons) and it was recognized without any problems.

The content addons that you didnt aquire in marketplace are stored in the community folder. Just a simple drag and drop and it should work (unless they have some external module that needs to be installed)

With the upcoming SU7 update probably the next 18th you should hurry and make the reinstall before or wait to have a backup of the files with the same game version.

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Oh man, it’s good to know the controls are backed up, that’s one less thing to have to do.

Thanks guys!! I guess I will wait until after the next update, I wanted to get it done today but there is just too much to do.

All - New PC today. After I get W11 Setup without a MS account, and all my important stuff installed and working, then MSFS. I am sure this is going to take more than a day to get setup my way, and I never have cared for the new interface of W11, so massive learning curve on it.

  1. I have the whole thing backed up to an SSD, and will do the following to move it.
    a. Install the X-Box stuff, and then start the download of the game. Allow about 5% to install. Then will copy my backup folder to it’s root location, then open the game and let it finish anything it needs. My Backup community folder is empty, but I have that backed up too, and will copy it back after got game working, and make sure any Content manager stuff is up to date.

FWIW-Last time this did not work, and I had to download the whole thing. That takes the better part of two days, and for sure not going through that again. So if this does not work, and after 3 years of (countless requests from vendors and customers) asking asobo and MS to change this distribution method, I"M DONE. I love the F-14 and 737 from PMDG, but the “having to be a software engineer” to make this thing work has eclipsed my enjoyment of it. I am sure that hundreds feel the same way.

I did the same thing backed up the X-Plane 12 folder as well, and have been told by XP Support, this is a great way to move it to new machine. However, I can have that program installed on multiple machines, I just cannot have it running on more than one machine at a time by license. Fine, the old laptop is now going to be a travel machine and won’t play on it. But I can keep it backed up there and moving from it would be faster than the SSD.