Moving vr position up and down

moving vr position up and down…
i can’t find a way to assign this on my flight hotas x.
does this assignment not exist ?

thanks for help

the only way I have found is to bend down or get up, before resetting the sight, to be at the correct height in the cockpit. Ditto for advancing or retreating …

I’ve got it bound to a button on an MFD in the PC settings and it works when I change to VR so it is possible. Very useful for take off and landing.

I just use the regular view up/down buttons. I have them bound to my keyboard arrow keys, but not sure if that’s default.

As stated here

I think by default, you press the up / down arrow keys on your keyboard to adjust your “seat height”.

The real life A320 Neo cockpit has a cool pilot head position feature that actually works in VR too. Between the two windshields you will see 2 white balls and a red one. As the pilot, the red ball should perfectly block out the rightmost white ball when you are sat correctly and for the first officer it should block out the leftmost white ball. Check it out, it seems to work perfectly

You can also assign them to a hat switch on your stick, rudder, or TQS, if you have one. I reassigned all the views that were pointless in VR to left, right, up, and down on my stick. I don’t remember the exact bindings, just search for them on the keyboard bindings and assign those to whatever makes sense on your controls.

thanks for all the tips.
for the “VR up / down arrow keys” I have found no assignment.
I have now solved this with the joytokey tool.
the other assignments have worked in msfs. thanks !!!

Just assign the Cockpit Camera keys for up and down, its pretty easy to do.

I cant get it to work either. View translation in all directions works in 2d, but height is not working in VR. I have it bound to joystick.

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