MPTO Tocumen Intl, Panamá Freeware v3.0

Hello guys, MPTO Tocumen v3.0 freeware is here.
Please, delete this one mod…


Thank you so much for this, looks much better than the default!
Some feedback: I did get double runways for 03L and 03R, and a minor issue with ground vehicles riding on the grass.

I also noticed some improbably tall light poles on top the old terminal and also the AI planes parked around the tarmac and oaround the maintenance building somehow jump up and down as you fly by them.

I did check that the ILS signal was available, but didnt have yet a chance to try an instrument approach, planning to do that today!

Thx again.

Of course it looks better than the default…there is no default, period. Asobo forgot to include this airport.


@ferangel2000, can I ask you if it’d be possible for you to upgrade MPRA please (Isla Contadora)? it’s already halfway there…


You are amazing, will test it now.

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tks, still is in progress but is the only MPTO for now.

This video describes how to add ILS by manually editing your scenery xml file -

You copy and the paste the ILS example from the simplenavdata xml in the samples section of the SDK folder.

Copy and paste that from the xml document, as you must preserve the format, to your own scenery xml file and change the details for your own.

The only thing the video forgets is to save the change in your xml in notepad ++ before building the package.


Oh man!! Thank youu! I’ve missing Tocumen so much

Hey mate can you repair MROC Juan Santamaría Costa Rica that scenery one had pay attention to it…

Can you upload the mega link again?

Also looking for the 3.0 download link since Asobo has yet to address this missing airport. My favorite airport :frowning:

Closed at your request.