MS: Animated munitions and historically accurate sexuality in liveries are not okay, Swastikas on the other hand

I was just watching a Ju-52 video and noticed the liveries had Swastikas on the tails. If historically accurate, they absolutely should be included in the livery. But I think it is ridiculous that MS won’t allow gun/bomb/rocket animations on aircraft such as the Corsair, F14, F15 etc and in the same breath let a first party partner publish a symbol of approx. 20M murders.

Minecraft is more violent than an Aim-9 sitting on a hardpoint for goodness sake!


Conflict resolution by violent means is the problem.
Including the swastika, while historically accurate to that aircraft, is as clear a representation of conflict resolution through violence as visually mounted weaponry is and, in the spirit of ‘family entertainment’, should be banned from this title.
This will be a difficult subject for open discussion unfortunately because of the general public’s acceptance of humanity’s general approach to conflict resolution…
For a war simulation one should purchase a war simulator. Period

If that is the stance of MS - I was just pointing out the hypocrisy. I think if it is adding to the accuracy of the aircraft represented and isn’t able to hurt the environment, it really isn’t hurting anyone.

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proving my point

Using that logic, airplanes themselves shouldn’t be allowed. Remember the Kamikazes in WW2 or the attacks on 9/11?


What video did you watch? The original MS video has no swastikas. Everything else is 3rd party and not under MS control

I agree that it would be hypocritical to allow the swastika and prevent the weaponry - they symbolize the same thing.
…but can you seriously say that the displaying of the most identifiable symbol of genocide in a ‘family friendly’ entertainment program hurts no one?

No it doesn’t hurt anyone. If you don’t wanna see it, don’t use that livery. Oh, and BTW, video games are far from ‘family friendly’.


Don’t go patting yourself on the back so quick - you haven’t proven anything other than you think you’re right and anybody else’s opinion doesn’t matter.

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Oh no … again the “swastikas \ nazi airplanes” politically correct \ historically incorrect argument about an airplane USED by nazi but designed by a genius (und nazi oppositor hugo junkers) …if only there was such attention to certain other aspects…

Such ignorance…

Over the years I have learned not to get involved in certain discussions, if we talk about flight model or aircraft behavior ok, politics or political or politically correct\correctness visions about aviation (inanimate objects) I’m not interested.
It will shock many to know that I usually fly on military jets bombing (extremely accurately) Syria and other countries of the Middle East (dcs\syria+persian gulf) and that I particularly prefer flying on airliners (757\747\737\A319-320) that “just recently” (in the past) crashed into some famous skyscrapers with thousands of victims, pulling out ■■■■■■■■■■ on junkers 52 and Hugo junkers (pointed out as a Nazi), are intolerable concepts, I would prefer a total and global ban on everything than make myself participate in insulting history in this way.

That’s an FSX JU-52 port, and it’s not an official Microsoft video.

Having said that it’ll be less than a day from the release of the official JU-52 plane to the release of the first ‘controversial’ livery.

🤦 oh no… here we go…

and here I agree somewhat.
Airplanes purpose built for war should be included in war simulators - general and civil aircrafts NOT built specifically for war should be included in MSFS. It’s specious to make the argument that airliners should be excluded from MSFS because they were used to commit mass murder.

MS appears to be toeing a line between profitability (including warbirds with no weapons) and morality / ethics…

These are mods? Look like FSX models.

Whitewashing history and hiding these things from our children is more dangerous.

The Ju-52 was used in the aid of the war effort that covered that genocide and to forget this fact is to be ignorant of history.

We can all appreciate the engineering and airmanship, but the history and politics behind the aircraft is also a big part of aviation.


Given the fact in the first post about its release they said it was going to be on Rosh Hashanah with the world update, Microsoft couldn’t seem to care less about the 6 million in my view.

I get its accurate but let folk on make it if so important rather than Microsoft/Asobo directly profiting off of a symbol many LGBT, Jewish and other minorites still see on a daily basis as a symbol of the hate and danger in this world for us. I get I will have a most sensitive view on this given I lost family for being Jewish by Nazis and have had numerous attacks from Neo-Nazi’s who still use that symbol but I think given the things don’t allow… politics for example. It’s crazy to allow a symbol of the most evil and soulless political party ever to exist never mind include in the pack people buy. Even if was considering it before, I’d never buy an aircraft supplied to nazis, buy I’d also never buy anything with a symbol on of those responsible for loss of my family and the 6million others…

**I won’t be following as already had proven white supremacists come for me on this so don’t need it but that doesn’t mean victims relatives views don’t matter **

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total failure with this rationale when you consider the flag of the confederacy and the purpose of the civil war.

We will never release a livery with a Nazi swastika. It is not hypocritical to exclude hate symbols from our sim.


Edit: if you see any online videos of planes in MSFS with swastika liveries, those are user-created mods and not official releases from MS/Asobo. We absolutely do not support or condone Nazi iconography in our sim.