MS Flight Sim 2020 Prem Deluxe (flickering video)

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Brief description of the issue: Constant non stop Flickering video… From game launch to manually quitting. Completely unplayable now after mandatory update 3. Didnt do this before. Did a clean reinstall of 163GB and after finishing and relaunching it is still doing the same exact thing. Everything else hardware software,DX,etc. Has been checked,updated, confirmed computer is issue free except for this MSFS2020 version app patch.

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered: Zendesk has them. Think old 1900 movie projector that is flashing the video to you (blinking fast)

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered: Only requirement to reproduce is launch the sim.

PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile) Not a hardware issue on user end. Already verified hardware is good. Ryzen7 3800X,GSkill 32g 3600 DDR5, 3 EVO 970 plus MM2 512g, 2- Evo 970 SSD 250g, 2-XFX RX580GTS Black 8g cards in crossfire, Silverstone 1000W Gold PS, 2- Optical drives in Bluray burner, DVD/Blu player in a Silverstone LC-18 HTPC case projected in 4k on a 144" screen.

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Gotta be a video card driver issue.

Video drivers have not changed. works fine on everything but FS2020 patch 3

Hi @HenpeckedDoor83,
Can you check this topic to see if it’s also the same issue as yours?
If it is, would you let me know? We only want one bug report/issue per topic as we use this to bring up to the developers. Bugs & Issues has vote counts and if a duplicate is created it spreads those counts.

Thank you!

Okay, this topic does match my case. However it is all regarding Nvidia cards. I run AMD Radeon cards. They don’t use G-Sync. But while exploring down that path that they used. I found in the AMD Radeon software Global and Game settings for V-Sync which have always been set at AMD optimized. But low and behold, after Update 3 it no longer works set like that. After disabling V-Sync by changing from AMD optimized to Off in the AMD game setting page for MSFS2020. Everything works fine again. So share this fix with all the AMD Users.