MS is Aware of the Bugs! Latest Issue Report

If you don’t already know- today MS came out with this announcement which indicates they are acknowledging many in-flight issues.

it’s good to see.
Avionics even made the list!

Unfortunately the low GPU usage bug on airliner’s cockpit view is not on the list.

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I’m getting 64 FPS now and the problem with being unable to mouse click selections from the Menu Bar on a second monitor seem to be fixed. I do not use the tubeliners so cannot speak to that.

Not a single thing about how terrible the night textures look from high altitude. Bloody ridiculous…

Yes, LOTS of bugs to fix. But this is encouraging as there have been many posts on this forum saying how they feared the in-flight bugs would be on the back burner, etc… The fact that MS is acknowledging them while releasing the present update makes it seem like they will be attended to sooner rather than later. It is a huge task, for sure, and I still am annoyed that most of these got by them (or more likely- released “as is”).