MS servers down? Can't launch game

Trying to launch MSFS now and only get as far as the splash screen of Greenwich in London where it stays. A few spikes of activity on the ethernet connection, no “not responding” message in task manager. Nada. Task manager shows program running and CPU and GPU usage. Rebooted computer and still no luck.

MS server issue maybe?

Was working fine an hour ago. Anyone else having problems?


Same think here

Exactly same issue here

You can always check XBox Live Status here.

Green and up as of 2236H ET.

Try logging OUT and back IN:

MS-Store and XBox for Windows accounts if purchased from MS-Store or GamePass

XBox for Windows if Steam Version

Phew, thanks, thought I may have broken the internet.

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Wierd Xbox status shows all ok

I thought it was the new update. Or my internet Good to know we are not the only ones

I have steam version. Where can I check?

Thanks. I’ll try logging out and in again. Weird that dadasuper4490 also has a problem though. I’m in Oz btw, if it’s just an issue for fellow Aussies.

Many people lose their connection even though they are logged in. It appears to be a problem that mostly afflicts MS-Store / GamePass users though.

Also, it could be a problem between your ISP and the nearest XBox Live load balancer.

Howdy, I’m in touch with Royal and the team are checking on this! Will update as soon as I have info :slight_smile:


Thank God I found this post. Thought it was just me having this issue.

Yeah, logging out and back in again didn’t help.

Thanks for that, seems it’s affecting a few folks.

Same here, although I am on Steam.

Good to know thanks i thought was local problem to me hopefully fixed soon :smiley:

I am on steam version if that helps

Thanks. Still having the problema here. No way to log out and back in. Already restarted all and nothing. Still stuck on the splash screen that our friend reported.

Same issue here.

Same here, can’t get past that screen. Thought it was the shipping mod which I have only just put back after the update. Pulled all my mods out and still have the same problem.

I’m on Steam too.

Maybe someone at Microsoft forgot to pay the power bill.

On Steam too. Logged in to try a new aircraft I installed recently (well, get more accustomed to it since last night the constant dip in FPS ruined my flight); only to be met with the loading screen not advancing. No idea how that happened.