MS2020 on Gaming Laptop?

How long is a piece of string ? Depends what you call a “big improvement”.

Yes you will get an improvement but your not going to double your FPS, probably more like get a 10% to 20% FPS bump depending on the flight.

The other option for people with enough space for a screen is build a mini-ITX gaming PC. My current PC is the size of a shoebox and only has a 450w PSU but runs a i9 9900K and a RXT3070 reliably with no issues.

As you can see it is a wee bit cramped but it works fine.

This is pretty awesome!! Would you be able to share your build?

Not much to it really, it is an older build.

  • SG13 case modified to offset the SFX PSU about 20mm rearward to avoid kinking CPU hoses
  • 450 watt PSU that I originally intended to upgrade to a Corsair SFX 750w but it seems to cope fine with MSFS so I did not bother (it definitely would not cope with a stress test or serious overclocking but who cares)
  • 9th gen i9 9900K
  • older 8th gen Asus motherboard with BIOS upgrade for 9th gen
  • 32GB DDR4
  • Zotac RTX 3070 (one of the few 3070 that would fit, most are too wide or too high)
  • Arctic Liquid Freezer II 38 mm with 2x 120mm fans, amazing performance for a 120 AIO, performs more like a 240 AIO, keeps the i9 down around 55 to 60 degrees when gaming
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I use a 17" HP Omen gaming laptop (RTX 3070 GPU), XBox controller, and HP Reverb 2G VR.