MSF Bush Pilots - Sedona (KSEZ) to Grand Canyon National Park (KGCN)

Our first event starts tomorrow Saturday guys!2020-08-22T06:00:00Z and 2020-08-22T18:00:00Z (or 6AM GMT and 6PM GMT). I know its short notice but I have just wanted to see how everything works and all. The event has been split into two different times so we don’t exclude people from other sides of the world.

Our event will be Sedona (KSEZ) to the Grand Canyon National Park (KGCN). After we reach our destination you might want to continue on and explore the Grand Canyon a bit, the sights around here are amazing.

Please set your spawn to the ramp and not the runway thank you.

We will be communicating through my discord server on the “Event Flight” voice chat.

For aircraft I would like to see as many people in the XCub however really any GA aircraft is fine for this event.

Cruise altitude will be around 2,500 feet however its not strict and if you want to change it up that’s up to you.

We will be flying on the West USA server for both times so ensure your server is set correct.

This is going to be our flight plan

I have included a flight plan as well, to input the flight plan after downloading it, when your on the map in the sim you looking for the “LOAD/SAVE” button at the bottom (or you can press space by default) and then input the .pln file
(KSEZ) - (KGCN) Sedona to Grand Canyon.pln (2.3 KB)


Where do you put flightplans? Have the Steam version!

Save the flight plan to you local drive and under World Map on the Welcome screen there is a load/save button which you can load the flight plan

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I said it at the bottom of the post, there is no different between steam and microsoft version :slight_smile:

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Ahh I see, I based everything off of GMT, first flight being 6AM GMT and second being 6PM GMT. I used the calendar feature on the forums so it automatically sorts it out

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Thanks for organising and especially arranging two sessions, definitely appreciate that being in GMT+8. I’ll be there for the 6am GMT flight

Hey man no worries, I’ll be flying at the 6AM GMT flight aswell. Just make sure you join the discord and are able to communicate with everyone their

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Does the server a user selects play any role? My understanding is that it was “one big multiplayer world” not a different world based on what server you are connected to. I think the server selection depends on the users location so they’ll want to select the one that is closest to them to get the best experience and lowest ping times

No, you need to be in the same server to see someone.

I’m pretty sure if you set to all players you’ll just see everyone in the same location as you. No group and friends needed.

This matters. If set to Live Players, then you only see other Live Players and you’ll all share weather, AI traffic, and time of day. If set to All Players then everyone sees their own weather and ToD, but you can still fly with each other. You should probably specify in the OP.

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Great, I’ll be there at the 2am eastern trip.

Will hopefully join you for the 7pm flight.

Awesome. Will be there for the 6pm flight. Will be my first group flight… see you in the X Cub.

Should be there for the second flight! Add me in-game when you get a chance as well, I love me some good bush flying.

Whoops missed it, sorry Mashed! Too busy being hung over… :sweat_smile:

London is at British Summer Time (BST) now, which is GMT+1. So the time is correct.


Good fun flying to the Canyon