MSFS 2020 and stutters

It is not about making my standards applicable to everyone else.
As several times mentioned in this thread, a half a dozen games and DCS, all maxed out
running in my rig, reach solid, constant, FIXED 60 FPS @ 4K, (v-sync and limit to 60) which gives a smooth, fluid movement, syncyng with the 60 Herzt refresh rate of the monitor.
I wish MSFS could do that, at least at 30 FPS, (1/2 sync / 60 Hertz Monitor) at least with low settings., at least at 2K.
The problem being, also several times mentioned in this thread, that MSFS is not capable to mantain those solid, constant, FIXED 30 FPS, let alone 60, no matter what setting. The constant jumping between, say, 20 - 40 FPS is what causes the huge stutters, kills the fluid movement, and consequently the immersion, as clearly seen in my video.

The only way to make these fluctuations look smooth is to use FreeSync or G-Sync. Otherwise there is no other solution than locking to 30fps or 60fps for a 60Hz monitor.

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My reply wasn’t directed at you sir. I was actually suggesting those with lower standards should not try to apply them to those who can notice lesser performance but whatever.

Your standards as in the the general your, not you specifically.

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Exactly my point. Alone MSFS, among at least a half a dozen games and DCS, is not capable to lock those 30 fps or 60 fps for a 60Hz monitor. My question is why. And yes, I have tried to lock 30 and 60 FPS with the nvidia driver, to no avail.

I have also experienced exactly the same thing as @JCC1953 where I see stutters in the cockpit but NOT in external view.

Anyone else ? Thoughts ?

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Can you see any EFIS screen from the outside view? And if you do are they updating the same level of information and as often as in cockpit view? This is why…

I’ve documented the impact of the EFIS screens in VR :
How does Gauge Refresh Rate is causing more stutters if not set to HIGH

I agree 100%. What’s worse is that the people who are oblivious to such stutters then tell others that the problem must lie within their own PC and that the software is totally fine.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, you can’t lock frames for MSFS2020? Surprised as I lock at 30FPS (nVidia Inspector) to reduce fluctuation (30-50) and reduce GPU load/temp while sitting in menus. I’m also using a GSync monitor and very happy with the graphical smoothness.

i7-9700k, GTX1080ti, 32GB, installed on NVMe, 3440x1440, most graphical settings Ultra

Yes you can lock frames in MSFS2020, but they don’t lock!
That is exactly the problem.

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Sorry, continuation. Why in this earth a half a dozen of games (Assasin’s creed Odyssey and Walhalla, RDR2, Mafia, etc…all maved out) and much more importantly, DCS, perfectly lock the frames and MSFS does not? Why am I obliged to find an external way to do it?
You say you are “very happy with the graphical smoothness”. That may be because you are using a GSync monitor, which I don’t have, and also don’t need, because all the games and simulator above mentioned run perfectly smooth without it, only MSFS does not…

Please edit: [ does not for me ]

I spent a fair bit of time struggling with MSFS and stutters/frame rates/pixelation et al. I have managed to find the sweet spot, for my system that has eliminated all those issues. I am sure that your system also has a sweet spot where MSFS will run smooth as well. May mean you have to dial few things back and accept the fact that there is not a title out there that pushes a system the way MSFS does. There is also no piece of hardware that will run MSFS “maved out” (pretty sure you meant maxed, but then it wouldn’t be a quote, would it. :wink: ).
Good luck and don’t give up.

Well, I have tried EVERYTHING spending the best part of the past two months trying to run
MSFS decently… And I am no computer newbie. And yes, I meant maxed out…
And yes, there is a title out there that pushes a system the way MSFS does even much more so.
This is DCS. The complexity of some of its planes and their graphical quality is far more advanced
than MSFS, albeit granted, the landscape is not. But what are we talking about here? About a FLIGHT simulator or about a landscape simulator?

Wrong comparison. DCS is impressive in its detail and complexity but it does NOT have the system crushing, raw processing happening that MSFS does. That is obvious when considering I run DCS “maxed” with an i5 8400/2070 Super/32gb. If I dialed MSFS up, my system would bail before I even got off the ground.
This is not a pxxxxxx contest. Reality is that no other program is trying to combine multiple engines being fed by network streams and onboard data into a seamless model of the entire world with live traffic, live weather, dynamic environment, aerodynamics, all in 4K and 3D. Obviously we have a way to go before all those things work as planned. Maybe by the time it does, we will have systems available that can run it.
In the meantime, dial it WAY back. Turn some stuff off. Go back to the basics in your video management. There is a spot way back there somewhere that will give a smooth, clean experience. Then start adding. ONE AT A TIME. Never change more than one setting without testing. You can and will find the spot where your SYSTEM is maxed out with the best possible experience. I guarantee you won’t be able to win the, “I run with everything on Ultra at 4K with hundreds of AI planes in the air”, boast match, but YOU will be happy.

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“…but they don’t lock!” I don’t understand, they do lock. As I said I have mine locked to 30 and it doesn’t fluctuate - I always monitor my framerate while gaming as I do temps, CPU/GPU load, etc… In gaming, and I have many (DCS, AC Odyssey/Origins, RD2D, Mafia 1-2-3, American Truck Simulator, Raceroom, rFactor2, Assetto Corsa, and many many more), I monitor my framerates and once I determine the low point I lock the framerate (usually 60-100 FPS, MFS2020 only one I lock at 30). I’m VERY picky when it comes to gaming graphics and framerate - it’s why my Xbox One X is only a Bluray player - I can’t stand gaming at sub 60fps.

Framerate lock works, maybe you’re experiencing frame “pacing” or screen “tearing” issues.

I disagree. Right comparaison.
Just have a look at my video. By this time it is quite clear in my mind that there is
something seriously wrong with the graphics engine of MSFS. An I did dial back, down to the lowest settings. In my video traffic, live weather, are off, except some civilian traffic, also present in DCS. There are several threads in this forum that point out the real problem. They gave too much importance to giraffes, bush, eye candy all around, and they have disregarded the most important factor in a FLIGHT SIMULATOR: Giving the felling of flight trough a fluid movement, and bring correct representations, both visually and technically, of the planes themselves, and the effects that wind, altitude, rain, damage etc. has on said planes.
And set aside the stuttering, don’t get me started with aerodynamics… DCS is also quite superior in that respect.

And you get a fluid movement with 30 FPS?

You keep wanting to compare the visuals and flight dynamics. This is NOT what I am pointing to. Let’s ignore the genre. Let’s simply compare the complexity of the software. There simply is NO other software available to the retail market that is pushing the limits as far as this title. I don’t care whether one sim flys better than another. The fact remains that if you want to actually improve your experience and are not just here to convince everyone else that they should fold up tent, then accept the fact that you cannot have 4K max graphics and a smooth visual experience with today’s hardware.

I, for one, do NOT want Asobo to dumb down the capabilities they are pushing for. I don’t care that I can’t have 60+fps today. I care that by the time we are reaching the end of the 10 year development window, the hardware will start to catch up and I am pretty sure I will have a hanger full of highly detailed, highly accurate planes.

Quit complaining about giraffes and spend some tech time with your computer. You WILL be happy you did. Assuming you do ‘happy’?

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Yes, fluid movement “relative” to actual framerate. Actually, when I first heard of the MFS2020 performance I wasn’t going to bother purchasing until I was able to pick up a RTX3080 (not holding my breath!, currently have a GTX1080ti). I don’t run games at 30FPS and that was realistically what I was hearing would be the result with hardware like mine. I followed game coverage and after watching some YouTubers with opinions I trust I thought I’d give it a try (heck, 3 months of GamePass for $1) and I’m pleasantly surprised. For me MFS runs good enough as flight motion is so slow the framerate is fine. The frame pacing is consistent and there’s no screen tearing. I realize that GSync may be helping in my case.

Maybe there’s other variables coming into play outside of GPU performance affecting graphical consistency - storage pipeline (HD vs SSD vs NVMe), Internet bandwidth and latency, available RAM and module timings, background applications, drivers, etc. - too many variable, I wouldn’t know.

Apparently the user experience varies, I’m just glad I’m one of the lucky ones I guess. I build my own PC’s and have been a computer/network/software geek/admin/dev/manager for 30 years so I do understand technology - not that this means anything.

If you don’t care whether one sim flies MUCH better than another, then this discussion is pointless.
The complexity of the software does not earn the title od “flight simulator” . And yes I do “happy” but not with MSFS…

Fine, it must be a G-sync thing, but I am not going to buy a G-sync monitor only to run MSFS properly.
I am perfectly happy with my 60 HZ ASUS PA 329 32" monitor running @ 4K, with wich, I care to repeat, I run a half a dozen games, and most importantly DCS, all maxed out and at 4K resolution, in a perfectly fluid manner at solid, fixed 60 FPS, perfectly syncing to the 60 Hertz of the monitor itself, thus providing a perfectly fluid movement. …

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