MSFS 2020 .... be patient

Guys, we all knew since the beginning that this simulator wasn’t ready so please give it time. It’s all trial and error right now but I can guarantee you everything will be solved! Just be patient! If you have an issue, go submit a ticket that way the developers know what’s going on. You guys are flooding this forum way too much with the same issues or a simple issue. I started flying out of KFAT with the Citation and currently made my way up to Detroit now and I haven’t had any issues. I love the sim and I’m being patient for them to fix everything. Just sit back and enjoy the flight my fellow simmers! One step at a time!


Brother the thing is that those who are complaining is because they can’t play the game, i see you do play it and have no issues! That’s why this forum is flooded with different issues from different people, that’s what this forum is for, right ? At the end we all have to patient because there’s nothing we can do except to wait for them to fix it, while that happens we make sure they understand the level of frustration everyone feels as we all spent some bucks either just in buying the game and also in hardware to run it. They need to have a sense of urgency and better execution for these patches thats the reason we’re all whining like some call it.


I see your point but we have to understand that this won’t be solved overnight. We all have to learn and be patient. Should’ve MS and Asobo been ready? Of course they should have, but unfortunately it didn’t go that way. I understand we paid with our hard earned money but I can assure you it’ll be worth it at the end!

Uh no not all of us. I knew that a new sim was in the works but have been busy with other things. Then I saw at the beginning of august it was about to release and did the pre-install with a gamepass I had from a cpu upgrade. I had no idea the sim was in the state it is.

I can be patient…im fine with that and i don’t mind it. What I do mind is ZERO communication or even acknowledgement that they took our money and then stuck it to us. They release a patch 5 days ago that fixes 4 things and breaks 852…do they acknowledge?? NOPE…Do they roll it back so that it’s usable? NOPE…

I don’t mind when things have bugs and things have to be worked out…i can deal with that…that utter disrespect shown here is astounding to me. They can’t even acknowledge that they robbed everyone. Ya know “Hey sorry about this, we will get on it” would go a long way.


True, those that are demanding for a fix at the moment should be patient, but in true honesty they have the power to at least remove the last patch, and just take the time to work on it and launch it when it’s 100% ready and tested. As of right now I’m seen a lot of threads of people just getting a break from the game, do to it been unplayable and spending too many hours on trying to fix issues caused by the patch or just in a 3 hour flight and the game CTD. Yess definitely this game in a long term will be 100 times better than it is now as far as performance and addons goes. But in the moment it’s about the lack of performance by MS/Asobo on releasing the game and it’s patches not 100% ready. That’s what’s frustrating people!

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Huh? They have acknowledged issues and are continuing to do so here: - Known Issues - (Last modified: 9/18/2020) and - I suggest you check it out, as it’s last been updated today. There’s absolutely no need to rollback so much progress when they’re able to highlight the isolated issues players are having and correct them as soon as possible. If you haven’t watched any of the livestreams with the developers, I suggest you do so. They are very passionate about MSFS and want to grow the platform into something really incredible.

I sympathize with the players being disrupted due to the latest patch, but there are also a lot of players not having issues at all.


I wonder if they’ll bring back the LOD issue
Right now it feels like a different simulator, compared with the one before the latest patch

we know that but why take from us nice and crisp quality scenery to fsx with orbx look scenery with this new patch

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I get your point, but half the issues we’re experiencing are not listed there, one of the reasons we see different posts in here about certain issues because they don’t recognize it as known issues, you do know there is a lack of communication on their part regarding the fact that some issues on last patch don’t have a workaround, they’re causing over 60% of users problems, where a good amount can’t play the game because the airplanes they flight don’t work. And I’m sorry if you can direct me to a developers stream after the game launched? I personally haven’t seen none of their face on video or doing live conference, that’s the communication aspect we want.


Same here sir :+1:

Just flew TBM Canberra to Sydney in live weather, heavy low lying clouds. 17kts cross wind on landing. ILS approach. Using Navigraph beta.

Now Belfast to Dublin RNAV approach in the Caravan.

It has its faults but I’m really enjoying the sim and its only going to get better! :smiley:


Nice! This sim is just getting better and better! I’ll be flying out of my last stop (Detroit) to Atlanta on Sunday and we’ll see where I’ll go next after that. I’ve been hopping from airport to airport and I’m enjoying every minute out of it.


I’m not sure where you’re getting your statistics from, but please don’t assume that these issues are affecting a vast majority of the player base. There’s a vocal minority whom are rightfully wanting more transparency and fixes to their issues, but it’s jumping the gun to say it’s affecting more than half of the player base.


Check the forum, check the YouTube and Twitch streams, all have a different problem right now, just look it up! It don’t take too much

I appreciate the ‘patience’ sentiment, but the latest update has made this sim almost unflyable for me due to the bug that shuts down avionics mid flight. (5x in one flight!)

I could forgive a lot of the previous bugs, but introducing a new, quite literally game breaking one, and then hearing nothing, has pushed my patience to the limits.


I haven’t seen a game or sim in 2 decades that released without major/minor bugs that all took time to resolve and acknowledge. Devs generally speaking aren’t always the best in communicating what they’re doing/thinking. That’s why there’s now usually separate Marketing/Communication divisions taking care of that side of business affairs (depending on the size of the dev company).

Patience is a virtue so the saying goes…and I believe this product and the devs are committed to getting things done.

This is a teething period of time and the devs need time to adjust and resolve issues accordingly.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and the MSFS world won’t be either. This sim is massive in context and complex. There has not been a flightsim of this magnitude ever before. Yes it could be argued whether the sim may have been released a little early - but plenty of users are experiencing minor issues and enjoying the sim (and I’m thankful to be one of them).

I do sympathize and empathize with those experiencing major issues and hope this will be resolved really soon.

Chins up! The best is yet to come.


msfs cheerleaders: be patient.

annoyed user: ok i’ll check in a year to see if its fixed

cheerleader: no not like that. you must love it now, but also be patient.