MSFS 2020 box version

Hi, I just finish installing the MSFS2020 box version and every time I start MSFS I am asked to insert Disk 1 in my DVD drive. Is this normal and can I change it to not asked for the DVD?

I have the box version too but never asked me that. What happens after you insert it? Does it happen every time?

Me too…
But my PC is only for the Sim. So the Disc can stay in the DVD Drive…

Every time i start the game, i am ask to insert DVD1 and then it load

Do you run it with the Xbox Game App?

I am not sure, how would I know ? I start the game with the icon on my desktop. I do get a xbox screen when it load

Its an App in the ms Store, its like a Brower for games.

Then no I am not using the Xbox app, should I and will it start without asking for the DVD?

Why you have to put the DVD in the drive is for copy protection. Previous MS FS you had to do this. FSX was like that although someone made a file so you didn’t have too.

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