MSFS 2020 Crash in VR - HP Reverb G2

Have to say, there is definitely an improvement after SU5. I’ve got some CTDs after update (mainly world map and while loading), but not a single one WHILE flying in VR.
Now I also fly airliner in VR, because of the performance improvements I get a higher usable render resolution (100 now) and it’s no problem to read the instruments. Pretty nice experience now.

IMHO I think it’s just a nice “side effect” of SU5, not a specific fix for the G2 or AMD GPUs… but it seem to work. :slight_smile:

What’s the best way to send you the file? The forum’s attachment function only seems to accept media files?

I’m in the process of reinstalling Flight Sim from scratch to see if this helps. Likely be tomorrow before I can test any fixes as a result…

Hi, I need some help. I’m trying to use the VR on MFSF and after 10 to 15 min during my start of the flight the pc is crashing. Any ideas how to fix or it’s still a work in progress.

Thanks in advance.

This is my setup:
asrock z309 mobo
i7 9700k
16 gb ram rgb
512g ssd

Have you done everything in the official “how to fix CTD’s” post here?

CTD’S in VR are normal. Asobo has to fix it. If you use afterburner try to deactivate it :slight_smile:

I was experiencing blue screens and crashes with my Reverb G2. If you look in the logfiles and find crashes involving “WUDFHost.exe” you may have the same issue as me. Look at this post on the HP website: Solved: Reverg g2 constant crashing, loss of tracking and blue scree... - HP Support Community - 7959921

My PCIe was set to “Auto” and I set it to “GEN3”. My Reverb would generally last 15 minutes before it crashed but I have just flown for 1 hour without any blue screens or crashes. I hope it helps others here who are experiencing the same as me

What CPU and Motherboard do you have? Do you also have the old cable? If you are on AMD, like me, you might want to change the cable to the new one. HP will do so free of charge. It solved my G2 issues.

I have the new cable. This was definitely a BIOS issue

Just asking, why deactivate afterburner?

When you Activating Afterburner it always resulted in CTDs in the past…

Lol. Ctd in vr are definitely not normal


Im using the G2 but having major issues…
Yesterday it worked fine, finally got FS to start and could fly for hours.

But today, FS is just crashing or not responding instantly when Im in the main menu.
It works fine if I disconnect the G2, but as soon as I have it plugged in my computer it’s a mess.

Im on a Ryxen 3600, RTX2070 Super, TUF X570 and NVME for the game.
Im not sure how to fix this, SteamVR or Mixed Reality, OpenXR Runtime - so many programs that’s confusing me…

hi @typpe, first of all, are you using the new cable version (Rev 2) of the HP reverb G2 ? Then, have you tried to update the firware of your headset ? If not, I would stongly recommend you to do so :

see here : Solution for those who have black screen, Usb connection/deconnection, audio issues, using HP reverb G2

You can also try to turn the PCIE speed of your motherboard to Gen 3 instead of auto. See here : Solved: Reverg g2 constant crashing, loss of tracking and blue scree... - HP Support Community - 7959921

Anyone in here tried out Windows 11 yet and whether it improves the situation in regards to the crashes discussed in this thread?

I have windows 11. I have not crashes at all. I do not run the windows mode anymore on the sim. That was causing the CTD on my part.

Ok, so question is if no more crashes is because of you stopped using windowed mode or the fact you’re now on Windows 11.

I’ve always used full-screen mode and yet I have had random CTDs since MSFS was initially released.

I’m still on Windows 10 and will be interesting to see if upgrading to Windows 11 will make a difference.

I had not seem any performance with windows 11 to be honest. I did see great performance upgrading from Rift S to G2. It can be the fact the Oculus Rift use the PC tp power the device and drain more from your PC? I was getting poor performance and crashes a lot. I do not get CTD after I updated my drivers however I was getting bad performance on the Rift S. Could be an oculus thing.

I can easily reproduce CTDs when using VR – HP Reverb G2. Everything I shutdown the MS Mix Reality before shutting down MFS, it is guaranteed to crash. To keep MFS from crashing, I must do this everytime:

  1. In MFS, switch to Desktop mode
  2. Exit MFS
  3. Exit Mixed Reality
  4. Unplug the Reverb G2.

Any misstep is likely to cause MFS to crash.

Another way to cause MFS to crash is by switching to a camera outside the cockpit. The crash is not immediate, but if your flight lasts longer than, say 40 minutes, you will not make it to your destination.

This happens even after the latest 11/18/21 update.

I have been ok with the G2. I have even noticed a faster loading time. When I change to VR it kind of hit performance but then go alright for the remainder of the flight.

Windows 11 and Reverb G2 with latest Open XR working good for me with this sim.