MSFS 2020 does not see the Added Speed brake and Flaps Thrustmaster Airbus Quad

I cannot get my Speed Brake or Flaps working in MSFS. Mainly because these do not show up as controls in the control settings. The throttle does maybe because that is where the USB cable is. This use to work so not sure what has changed. The drivers are installed and updated for the Thrustmaster. I cannot use the flaps or speed brake with the PMDG 737 other than use the VC which I do not want to do. Any suggests what to try. I have FSUIPC and it sees it when I move the flaps in the axis, but does not work correctly using FSUIPC calibration

Make sure to switch the filter from “Assigned” to “All” Then, search for “Flaps Axis” and “Spoilers Axis” to assign them.

The problem is that the control is not one listed on top so I cannot select it. However, Maybe I just need to select the one I can see. there are 3 parts and only the main throttle is listed, not the flaps or speed brake

Do the buttons on the throttle extension module show up and bind to controls correctly? It’s just the extra axes you are missing somehow? You cant bind them even if you, say, choose spoiler axis and then use the spoiler axis on the controller (which should bind it to the axis)? Can you see the flap and spoiler lever move any input on the sensitivities page?

The flap is working, when I move it msfs sees it axis but the speed brake shows up as a button so using spoiler axis doesn’t work. The other small parts seem to show up ok. The spoiler shows up and works on the saitek throttle so I can just use that since the 737 doesn’t have those. Something about the current version of msfs and this device it doesn’t like. Maybe su 10 it will work again

From what I understood the spoiler axis has some virtual buttons tied to it so if you are using the on-actuation method for binding it it could read double input. In that case you can manually choose the right axis to use from the drop down menu.

looks like this is working now, maybe a update fixed it from FSUIPC