MSFS 2020 From steam to xbox one console

Hello all!. I bought the steam version of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and ran it on my “mid range” PC. Unfortunately in big crowded cities it runs very poorly FPS drops below 20 most of the times on the lowest possible setting, I think i exceeded 2 hours of playing “actually steam counted my downloading time as playing time”. I think going for the console will be pretty good solution for now so do you think i can play the game on XBOX or i have to buy it again on XBOX in order to play it there

Hi @NoOoDaZz

According to the Pre-Order FAQ, you need to buy the Simulator from Microsoft for the Play Anywhere (Console & PC) functionality to work.

Q: Will people that have the sim on Steam be able to play together with people from Microsoft Store?

A: Yes, the sim shares the same multiplayer world, content and services. However, if you purchase through steam, you will not be able to use the Xbox Play Anywhere functionality (PC Windows 10 and Console).

You could try reaching out to Steam to see if they will refund it, failing that, I believe the play anywhere function is included as part of Xbox Games Pass.

Thanks for the swift reply ! . Already refunded from steam but unfortunately i knew that it will not be released soon on xbox one expecting the release to be not sooner than 2021. I cant wait to the point i might upgrade or even change my pc for that sim only😂

Understood. If you buy it on the Windows store you can use it on your PC in the meantime :slight_smile:

After then i can play it on my xbox one without buying another version once i bought it from microsoft store right? . So sorry am just trying to make everything clear to my mind

Correct. If you buy the sim from the Windows Store it comes with Xbox Play Anywhere, so you can use it on both Windows and Xbox once the sim releases to console.

Am really thankful to your response :ok_hand::ok_hand:

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